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Efficient and Effective Recruitment

We know that recruitment and retention rates can be enhanced by having consent to contact people that have already expressed an interest in clinical research. The direct to volunteer contact allowed by SHARE registration means that the assessment feasibility and contact process is rapid and efficient.

What is SHARE?

The Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) is working to create a resource of up to 1,000,000 adults (25%of the Scottish adult population) who consent to the use of their electronic health records, in order to identify them as potentially eligible for research. Established and approved record linkage methods developed within the Scottish Health Informatics Programme (SHIP) allow linkage to a wide variety of health databases, governed by NHS and academic regulations.

Using Scottish resources

In Scotland, because of “Cradle to Grave” data linkage, it is possible to interrogate clinical and administrative systems to identify people who match study inclusion and exclusion criteria.
SHARE takes advantage of the existing deterministic record-linkage capability within Scotland based on the near universal CHI number.

How to engage

When a research team has a project, SHARE will carry out a feasibility forecast to determine if an appropriate number and distribution of recruits are available. If this looks satisfactory, SHARE volunteers will be contacted directly by the SHARE office to advise of a research opportunity. This contact uses brief materials developed and approved by the research team. Researchers can use the SHARE approach in combination with more traditional direct from clinician contact.
SHARE is based on patient data of people residing in Scotland but our resources are available to researchers based in the rest of the UK or as part of an international project.

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