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Social Care Research Governance Framework: Engagement Event

Date: 09/09/2019 to 09/09/2019 Venue: Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QC

NHS Research Scotland Central Management Team (NRS-CMT) is holding an engagement event on the Social Care Research Governance Framework.

The event is aimed at researchers and practitioners from both Social Care and Health sectors.

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In the morning session we will hear about research from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. After this, the opportunity to engage in a round table discussion will provide you with a space to debate the current social care research landscape (In both UK and Scottish contexts). You will be able to contribute to the project’s set of recommendations to the Scottish Government, and also to take fresh ideas back to your own setting.

Lunch, teas and coffees will be provided.


The Public Bodies (Joint Working) (Scotland) Act 2014 (The Act) sets the framework for the integration of adult health and social care within Scotland. Underpinning the introduction of the Act was a commitment to ensure the consistent provision of quality, sustainable care services for the increasing numbers of people in Scotland who need joined-up support and care. The wider public services reform programme includes the integration of health and social care as a long-standing policy agenda. The Scottish Government recognises that for successful reform and effective integration of health and social care sectors collective ethical and accountable research practices are required.

The precise span of the new Social Care Research Governance Framework (SCRGF) is currently being defined through a process of engagement. This is being managed through consultations with a number of colleagues representing the broader landscape of social care and health research in Scotland. The project is based around coordination of what is currently a fragmented landscape of activities, under several different governing bodies, and is expected to provide benefits in efficiency of research activities through the sharing of ideas, solutions, best practice and methods across both Health and Social Care sectors. This work aims to cover what this means from a theoretical perspective of interdisciplinary research and to also address practical challenges associated with benchmarking evidence and its effective use in practice.

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