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NRS Central Management Team

NHS Research Scotland Central Management team are based at The Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank.

General Manager
Charles Weller
Mobile: 07719 744772

Communications Manager
Fiona Fleming
Mobile: 07549 891564

Information and Quality Manager
Ian Anderson
Mobile: 07522835705

Activity and Performance Manager
Dawn Williamson 
Mobile: 07719 744518

Science Manager
Stephen Kelly
Mobile: 07521 242004

Permissions Coordinating Centre Change Manager
John McDonald

Industry Portfolio Coordinator
Ewan Dougall 
Mobile: 07522 835702

Project Manager - Social Care Research Governance Framework
Irina McLean 
Mobile: 07521149628

Data Quality Support Officer
Ryan Quinn 
Mobile: 07719750402

Communication Officer - Web and Digital
Simon Cree
Mobile: 07549 889640

Eva Gnatiuk

Office Manager
Lyndsey Wilson

Communications Assistant
Jane Gray 

General Enquiries