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Fast-track research

Research in a public health emergency

During a public health emergency, such as coronavirus, time is of the essence. Health research studies can support improved understanding of the condition, help to generate better diagnoses, test new treatments and help to prevent and manage the spread of disease.

The Health Research Authority, working with partners in the devolved administrations, is able to facilitate high-quality research quickly if needed. This means that researchers receive approval to begin much more quickly than the usual timelines, sometimes in a matter of hours.

If a Scottish-based researcher has a study which they think needs fast-track review they should contact:

This supports coordination with colleagues across Scotland and the UK. Additional information can also be sought from your local R&D department

Applications should continue to be submitted via the IRAS system in the normal way, identifying participating sites. Studies highlighted for fast-track review can be identified and facilitated to ensure that they are able to open as soon as possible.

If you are a researcher looking to identify potential participating sites in Scotland, please contact NRS Feasibilities.

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