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Four Nations NHS/HSC Compatibility Programme - Project Updates

 The four UK nations are committed to making it easier to carry out research in the UK.

The aim is to make the researcher experience of study set up the same across the UK. Working together, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are developing compatible cross-border processes.

If you have any queries about the programme, please contact Mary Cubitt or the operational lead for your nation.

Setting up NHS/HSC research in the UK: Implementing a UK Local Information Pack (19/02/2019)

A UK Local Information Pack is being introduced in the summer of 2019.  Researchers working with NHS/HSC organisations across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will benefit from a consistent package to support study set-up and delivery across the UK.  A specific implementation date will be announced in March along with further guidance.

The current Statement of Activities used in England and Wales and the Site Specific Information form, used in Northern Ireland and Scotland, will be replaced by an Organisation Information Document.

Regular communications and updates will be available on the four nations NHS/HSC compatibility website. 

Work delivered so far

  • Use of the combined REC and R&D IRAS form across the UK (June 2017)
  • Interim step (ahead of development in IRAS) in Wales to use HRA paperwork to replace SSI forms and introduce confirmation of capacity and capability.

Work under development

  • Simultaneous e-submission to REC and Study wide review for Scotland, Wales and NI (already in place for England)
  • Introduction of a local information pack in IRAS to replace emailing local information pack in England, replacement of Statement of Activities for non-commercial studies, and use of SSI form use in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland
  • NHS Permission with confirmation of capacity and capability for Scotland and Northern Ireland.