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COVID-19 vaccine studies

The Chief Scientist Office (CSO), NHS Research Scotland (NRS) and health boards are working closely with the UK Vaccines Taskforce to bring a range of vaccine trials to Scotland – now and in the future. Whilst recent developments on potential vaccines are encouraging, it is important that we continue to make sure other clinical trials into COVID-19 vaccines and treatments continue.

Vaccine trials delivered in Scotland are: 

With several more phase 3 studies for potential vaccine studies expected to start over the next six months, volunteers can register their interest in taking part via the NHS COVID-19 vaccine registry.

The Registry was launched by the UK government in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), NHS Digital, the Scottish and Welsh Governments and the Northern Ireland Executive in July. It aims to help create a database of people who consent to be contacted by the NHS to take part in clinical studies, to help speed up the development of a safe and effective vaccine.

To date, over 500,000 people have signed up to the NHS COVID-19 Vaccines Research Registry to take part in vital coronavirus vaccine studies. With a range of vaccine types needed to ensure people across the UK have access to one that works for as many people as possible, researchers are calling for volunteers to continue to sign up to take part in clinical studies.

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