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Take part in research

The NHS in Scotland is supporting more people to learn more about research and take part.

The Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) project is a partnership between the NHS, government and universities in Scotland to develop a Scottish research register of people aged 16 or over and living in Scotland who have said they are interested in helping with medical research. Over 206,000 people have registered so far and this is growing each day.

The aim of SHARE is to make it easier to carry out medical research in Scotland. By joining SHARE, participants agree to allow the coded data in their various computer records to check whether they might be suitable for research projects about health.

Joining the SHARE register only takes a minute but will significantly increase the effectiveness of health research in Scotland. SHARE also asks permission to store any spare blood left over from routine clinical tests to be used for research purposes in conjunction with the general SHARE register. This will allow us to find new ways to improve the safety and the effectiveness of drugs to combat disease.

If you decide to allow the use of your blood, any future blood taken by your GP or in a hospital for clinical reason will be stored by the appropriate tissue bank. Research teams will then be able to apply to study this blood and your coded NHS data without having any access to your identity.

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