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  • Introduction to Medical Statistics (Part 1)

    This course assumes no prior statistical knowledge and covers the basic concepts necessary to understand the other courses which follow from this.

    The course will cover the following topics:

    • The importance of statistics in medical research, inc. ethics
    • Types of data – quantitative or qualitative?
    • Graphical summaries of data – inc. bar charts, boxplots, scatterplots, histograms
    • Numerical summaries of data – for symmetric and skewed distributions
    • The Normal distribution
    • Outliers in data sets and tests for outliers.

    Each concept will be illustrated using real medical research examples and ethical considerations and limitations will be discussed throughout. The course will provide an introduction to Minitab (version 16) and participants will be able to reproduce graphics and summary statistics from the lectures using the software package.

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    University £49
    Commercial Organisation £110

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