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Neuroprogressive Conditions Research - Reflecting on progress

Neuroprogressive Conditions Research - Reflecting on progress

30th April 2019

One year on from the inaugural Neuroprogressive Conditions Research Day (April 2018), hosted by NRS Neuroprogressive and Dementia and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of Scottish Government, a range of innovative research studies and exciting funding awards have opened, helping to build future research capacity in Scotland across a range of neuroprogressive conditions.

Among the highlights are:

  • An increase in commercial and non-commercial studies across the NRS NDN portfolio
  • Major research and funding programmes have been announced
  • Joint-funded and senior clinical academic fellowships
  • Strong promotion of the excellent neuroprogressive research work taking place across Scotland with a full conference programme.

Read more in our Neuroprogressive conditions research update.

Attracting research to Scotland and providing more opportunities for patients is a truly collaborative effort. We thank all those involved in supporting our continued efforts to advance understanding of these devastating diseases, so we can develop better treatments and services for those affected.

A follow up Neuroprogressive Conditions conference is planned in 2020, in the meantime stay up to date with the work of NRS Neuroprogressive and Dementia (NRS NDN).


NRS Neuroprogressive and Dementia (NDN) support researchers from across a range of disciplines and deliver research across Scotland in a wide range of healthcare settings, including primary and community care, mental health services and acute hospitals. Research capacity in Huntington’s disease and Motor Neurone Disease is also being increased with 3-year Clinical Research Fellowships being jointly funded with CSO.

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