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New UK-wide agreement (mCTA) to speed up clinical trials and medicines R&D

New UK-wide agreement (mCTA) to speed up clinical trials and medicines R&D

1st March 2018

Life Science leaders from across the UK have welcomed a new agreement (mCTA) that will make it easier for life-changing medicines and vaccines research and development to take place across different parts of the UK.

The new version of the Model Clinical Trials Agreement (mCTA) will allow a single model contract for commercial R&D to be used in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, cutting out unnecessary administration to run the same study across the UK.

Unlike previous versions, the latest mCTA will be able to be used across the whole of the UK. It has also been updated to reflect current practice and regulations.

It is hoped that this updated agreement will be used by companies and NHS research sites without changes which will reduce the time for administration before clinical trials get started.

Ricky Verrall, Head of Chief Scientist Office welcomes the latest mCTA commenting:

“Scotland has been at the core of negotiations to develop the new model Clinical Trial Agreement (mCTA). Delivering a single UK agreement streamlines the research environment across the whole of the UK and improves our international competitiveness.

“This collaborative approach is an important step forward and supports our ongoing commitment to create an efficient, supportive and enabling environment for industry-sponsored trials.” 

Read the full press release via ABPI and access Commercial Model Clinical Trial Agreements (mCTA and CRO-mCTA) via IRAS


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