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NRS Ageing grant funding available

NRS Ageing grant funding available

21st January 2020

Small grants to support collaborative, multidisciplinary research

NRS Ageing brings together Scotland’s leading clinical staff, academics, carers and patients to support a diverse portfolio of observational and interventional research relevant to the care of older people.

Small grants are currently being offered to support work leading directly to an application for major research funding. Each grant will be up to the value of £1000 and can be used to fund travel or hospitality costs to bring together researchers to design a study; form a collaborative network, or to support pilot work for inclusion in a proposal.

Deadline for proposals is Monday 10 February. Those interested should download an application form and return it to NRS Ageing Clinical Lead Dr Susan Shenkin.

Proposals should include:

  • a short description of your idea
  • what funds are requested and how they will be used
  • how these activities will lead to future grant funding, specifically benefitting the health of older people in Scotland

Commenting on the funding, Dr Shenkin said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer these small 'pump-priming' grants to researchers. It helps facilitate a collaborative approach to ageing research by providing the resources to bring people together and builds on our commitment to increase the quality and quantity of research which can positively impact on the care and treatment of older people.”

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