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Review of the NRS Networks and Specialty Groups: stakeholder survey

Review of the NRS Networks and Specialty Groups: stakeholder survey

30th October 2019

The Chief Scientist Office (CSO) is undertaking a review of the NHS Research Scotland topic-specific support infrastructure

The role of the 27 NRS Networks and Specialty Groups is to facilitate the development, set up and completion of health and social care research studies across Scotland, improving the quality and quantity of studies available to patients within their specific topic areas. Details of the networks can be found on the Research Areas pages of the website.

The CSO is seeking the views of the community on their experience of working with the networks, the appropriateness of the current arrangements, and how we can work to ensure optimum performance going forward. We have set up a survey that asks 10 key questions around how the networks are configured to meet current and future challenges, and to seek your opinions on what you feel the optimum arrangements to be.

Responses from this survey will help inform the review panel that will advise CSO on future options and that is scheduled to meet early in 2020.  Any material derived from the survey will be anonymised before consideration by the panel. The survey will remain open for 6 weeks and we would, therefore, appreciate your input by Tuesday 10th December 2019.

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