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Scotland Change Management Group announced

Scotland Change Management Group announced

12th October 2017

A new Scotland Change Management Group has been announced. The new group has been created to work with partners across the UK to implement the proposed Four Nations NHS/HSC Compatibility Programme.

The Four Nations NHS/HSC Compatibility Programme is a series of projects being undertaken by the UK research approval bodies. The aim is to ensure compatible and consistent ways of working across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland further developing the UK as a cohesive and streamlined place to undertake research within the global economy. Specifically, the programme looks to implement:

  • A consistent nationwide approach to sharing information between sponsor and sites
  • A single ethics and R&D online submission from the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS)
  • An improved UK-wide approach to amendments.

The Four Nations Policy Group has agreed four priority areas where they can collaborate to make it easier for researchers to undertake cross-border research in the UK, which have been laid out by the NHS Health Research Authority.

The Scotland Change Management Group will be made up of representatives from across NHS Scotland, and candidates are currently being sought. Keep up to date with progress in our UK-wide working section.

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