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Scotland’s world class research infrastructure promoted stateside

Scotland’s world class research infrastructure promoted stateside

11th September 2017

Scotland’s reputation as a world class research destination will be centre stage this week as representatives from NHS Research Scotland travel to the USA to meet research and development leads from US based life science companies.

Alongside representatives from NIHR (England), Health and Care Research (Wales) and HSC Research and Development (Northern Ireland), the research strengths of the four nations will come together to promote UK as a global hub for research and medical innovation, underpinning recent work to develop the UK as a cohesive and streamlined place to undertake research.

Scotland’s research strengths are well established, and together our world leading NHS, internationally renowned universities and industry form an interconnected network of experts and facilities that support research involving all life science sectors.

The visit will build on Scotland’s strong ethos of partnership working, and showcase recent collaborations with AstraZeneca and MicroTransponder; in addition to strategic partnerships with Pfizer, PPD, Quintiles and Roche which help Scotland maintain its status as a global centre of excellence.

It will underpin Scotland’s expertise in basic, translational, early and late stage clinical research; while building on Scotland’s vision to be the location of choice for businesses, researchers, healthcare professionals and investors.

“We are committed to attracting life science investment to Scotland, and through international engagement, and close working with colleagues at NHS Research Scotland, we are able to highlight the vast strengths and assets that make Scotland a world leading location for research and innovation.”

Sharon McKendry, Head Life and Chemical Sciences, Scottish Development International

“World-class infrastructure and expertise combines with dedicated teams, committed to ensuring NHS Scotland provides the best environment to support clinical research. This builds on a proud history of pioneering medical innovation in Scotland and drives advances in medicines and improved treatment options for patients around the world”.

Dr Charles Weller, General Manager, NHS Research Scotland CMT


  • The visit is organised by the Department for International Trade
  • Two separate visits across both U.S. coasts (East and West) will take place simultaneously from 11/09/17 – 15/09/17
  • West coast trip taking in Minnesota; San Diego; Orange County; and Los Angeles – East coast taking in Boston; New Jersey; New York; and Raleigh-Durham
  • As a location for medical research and clinical trials, Scotland has a number of advantages over many other countries:
  1. A single unified health system
  2. Internationally-competitive universities
  3. Nationwide clinical research infrastructure
  4. Stable population of c.5million
  5. Leading health informatics capability - an invaluable resource for the data-driven approach to healthcare of the future, with all patients in NHS Scotland having a unique identifier and electronic health record.
  • NHS Research Scotland is a partnership of Scottish NHS Boards and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of Scottish Government
  • NHS Research Scotland provides simplified access to Scotland’s clinical research infrastructure and expertise assisting companies in identifying the right experts and facilities for their needs and enables patients to take part in research
  • NHS Research Scotland has a strong portfolio of industry collaborations:
  1. The top 20 pharma companies have trials in Scotland
  2. Sustained strategic collaborations with top pharma and CRO’s including Roche, Pfizer, PPD and Quintiles date from 2012 and operate on a country wide basis
  3. Scotland is the only entire country to be considered a Pfizer INSPIRE site
  4. Scotland joined AstraZeneca’s global genomics initiative in October 2016

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