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Scottish researchers eligible for £10m social care funding programme

Scottish researchers eligible for £10m social care funding programme

4th August 2023

The National Institue for Health and Care Research (NIHR) has launched a new £10 million funding programme focused on social care research

The programme will fund research which generates evidence to improve, expand and strengthen the way social care is delivered for users of care services, carers, the social care workforce, and the public. Applicants in the devolved administrations - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - will be eligible. 

The Research Programme for Social Care (RPSC) will replace NIHR’s Research for Social Care (RfSC) funding call. RfSC has invested £13 million into social care research across six funding calls since its launch in 2019. The new programme's first funding call will open on 27 September 2023. 

RPSC will fund research focused on improving social care for both adults and children. The programme is encouraging applications from researchers at all stages of their careers. 

Irina McLean, Health and Social Care Coordinator at NHS Research Scotland said: “We’re delighted that Scottish researchers will be eligible for this research funding which will help tackle challenges across the sector, boost capacity, and drive innovative new research. Good quality research is essential to help improve care services, for both adults and children, whilst also helping to inform policymaking, and ensuring we learn from best practice that can improve outcomes for the people at the heart of it. We would strongly encourage those working in social care research and at all career stages to apply” 

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