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Strengthening the UK clinical research ecosystem

Strengthening the UK clinical research ecosystem

17th December 2021

The UK Clinical Research Recovery, Resilience and Growth Programme (RRG) has published an update detailing the key milestones that have been achieved in the 6 months since the publication of The Future of UK Clinical Research Delivery 2021/22 implementation plan

NHS Research Scotland is one of the key delivery partners of the RRG Programme, a cross-sector, UK-wide coordinated programme of work aiming to:

  • ensure the restoration of clinical research activity that was underway pre-COVID 
  • maximise opportunities to build back a better and more resilient clinical research system
  • deliver on the commitment to make the UK the leading global hub for life sciences

The update sets out what the RRG delivery partners have already accomplished, and provides detail on further work that the programme is looking to deliver. The RRG programme is now planning for the next phase of work and will publish the phase two implementation plan in Spring 2022.

You can find more information about what the NIHR and other RRG partners have achieved in the full Update.

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