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The best research laboratory in the world

The best research laboratory in the world

30th September 2019

Professor David Crossman, Chief Scientist reflects on Scottish research in a special Health of the Nation feature by Holyrood Communications

"I think Scotland is the best clinical research laboratory in the world. It’s hard to argue against, because it is a really joined-up, collaborative environment. It is home to some of the best medical experts working in world-class facilities, hosts exceptional health data and informatics and that results in absolutely excellent science that translates into real opportunities for patients to get involved in research.

“There’s a very willing population, and whilst we are unfortunate to have high levels of complex disease in Scotland, it also presents an opportunity to find treatments that can transform the lives of patients, not only in Scotland but also around the world. So, I think that is our opportunity, and I don’t think that’s overstating it, really.

"It’s in this fertile and internationally leading research environment that NHS Research Scotland (NRS) works to ensure that the NHS in Scotland provides the best setting to support and attract research to Scotland."

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