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Update on CSO Catalytic Grant Scheme

Update on CSO Catalytic Grant Scheme

26th June 2019

In March 2016 CSO launched the Catalytic Research Grants Scheme. The remit of this scheme is to provide modest amounts of funding to allow researchers to address key areas of uncertainty in already well formulated proposals, thereby de-risking follow-on grant applications to other funders. The scheme is therefore best understood as a mechanism for helping to increase success rates, consequently leveraging additional funding into the Scottish health and social care research funding pot.

The scheme has been well subscribed, with almost all Scottish HEI’s submitting at least 1 application, and around 170 applications in total have been received to date. Of these, 79 have been funded with a total funding commitment from CSO of almost £2.1 million.

CSO will now pause this scheme to enable us to evaluate it, including its overall success in leveraging additional funding. This will allow us to determine the most effective arrangements going forward.

We will continue to accept applications up to and including Friday 30th August 2019. Any applications received after this date will be returned

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