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Vacancy: NRS Gastroenterology Clinical Lead

Vacancy: NRS Gastroenterology Clinical Lead

13th April 2022

The Chief Scientist Office is looking to appoint a new Clinical Lead for NRS Gastroenterology

Role outline

  • Accountability: the post is accountable to the Chief Scientist Office
  • Hours: 0.1 FTE / one PA per week
  • Length: three years initially, with possibility to extend
  • Salary: pro-rata within the post holder’s pay scale


NHS Research Scotland (NRS) is a partnership involving Scottish NHS Boards and the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) of the Scottish Government. The overarching aim of NRS is to ensure that NHS Scotland provides the best environment to support clinical research. This is achieved through the application of best practice and processes that can support efficient working, as well as providing the solid infrastructure that is needed to support all research undertaken in the NHS for patient benefit. CSO provides NRS funding to the NHS to support this aim. More generally, NRS contributes towards a thriving life sciences sector in Scotland, which is in turn critical to the ability of the NHS to deliver world-class health outcomes.

Key elements of the NRS infrastructure are the Topic Specific Research Networks and Specialty Groups. These act as the interface between the research community, the NHS and patients themselves, facilitating the development, set up and completion of clinical research studies across Scotland, improving the quantity and quality of research within their specific clinical area.

The NRS Gastroenterology Specialty Group is funded by the Chief Scientist Office to promote a culture of Gastroenterology clinical research across Scotland and improve recruitment to high-quality studies from both urban and rural areas.

The current post will form part of a group of senior personnel with a crucial remit to provide strategic leadership on the delivery and development of clinical research within their clinical areas for NHS Scotland.

Role and remit

  • Provide national leadership in the development of clinical research activity within Gastroenterology in Scotland
  • Increase the number of clinical studies, and the number of patients recruited into them
  • Work with established groups, individual clinicians, NRS Research and Development Directors and lay representatives, to promote Gastroenterology research, development and innovation (R,D&I)
  • Facilitate the development and delivery of high quality clinical research projects, encouraging clinicians to participate in clinical research
  • Provide clinical perspectives for the delivery of the studies lying within the Gastroenterology research portfolio
  • Contribute to the development of infrastructure, national strategies and initiatives across Gastroenterology clinical research and NRS

Key duties and responsibilities

  • Ensure that the continued development of the Gastroenterology research portfolio maximises patient focussed research opportunities for patients across all sectors of the Scottish population
  • Responsible for leading the development, implementation and on-going review of the NRS Gastroenterology research strategy
  • Promote the Gastroenterology Specialty Group to both commercial and non-commercial research funders
  • Proactively promote local clinical engagement and awareness of Gastroenterology research, providing advice, support, encouragement and mentorship to clinicians who express an interest in becoming involved in a research project
  • Ensure the timely and effective delivery of all the studies within the Scottish Gastroenterology research portfolio
  • Provide a strategic overview of the infrastructure required to support Gastroenterology research in Scotland
  • Facilitate and encourage the development of a network of local contacts within the Gastroenterology research community

Skills, knowledge and experience required

  • The post holder will play a key leadership role in the on-going development and performance of the Specialty
  • The post holder will be an established clinician resident and working in Scotland, and must be able to demonstrate a proven track record in clinical research activity within the area of Gastroenterology
  • A motivational leader with well-developed interpersonal skills and the ability to work with stakeholders at all levels
  • Excellent communication and presentational skills with the enthusiasm to act as an opinion leader
  • Experience in managing people and budgets would be desirable
  • Strongly committed to bringing benefits to patients through the delivery of excellent patient focussed clinical research within the NHS
  • Active involvement in studies supported by the Specialty or other equivalent bodies would be desirable

Application details and closing date

Please contact Dr Alan McNair, if you would like to discuss any details prior to application.

Interested applicants should submit a CV and covering letter in support of your application by email to by the closing date of 5pm on Friday 10 June, 2022. Interviews will be held remotely in during July/August 2022.

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