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Primary Care

Primary care research increases conceptual understanding of the content, processes, organisation and outcomes of primary care.

Its purpose is to inform the design and development of new approaches to clinical practice, health service organisation and health policy, through developments in research methods, theory, modelling and exploratory studies.

Scotland has a number of active primary care researchers undertaking leading edge research and the Scottish Primary Care Research Network (SPCRN) provides a range of support to improve the quality and quantity of health research in this area as well as continue to ensure all appropriate research infrastructure and expertise is in place to allow effective delivery of research programmes.

SPCRN works with a wide range of primary care health professionals and promotes high quality research in areas for which primary care has particular responsibility. These include

  • disease prevention
  • health promotion
  • screening and early diagnosis,
  • management of long-term conditions, such as arthritis and heart disease.

The network is led by Scottish Primary Care Champion Professor Bruce Guthrie and supported by Network Manager Dr Alison Hinds