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The capacity of NHS clinicians to undertake research is an important area in supporting an increase in research activity in Scotland. This can help increasing capacity in areas that are aligned to research excellence either locally or nationally; or areas where the potential exists to develop research excellence.

  • NRS Career Researcher Fellowships
    Currently open
    The NRS Career Researcher scheme was launched in 2011 to support NHS-funded clinical staff in developing a research career within their NHS post.  The award provides funding for protected time to contribute to, conduct and lead clinical research. This will lead to strengthening the research culture in the NHS and to increased capacity in areas that are either aligned to research excellence either locally or nationally or areas where the potential exists to develop research excellence. 
  • CSO Clinical Academic Fellowships
    Currently closed
    This scheme has been developed to help address longstanding concerns about clinical academic careers. The scheme will be subject to competitive entry and will nurture a cadre of research-led clinical academics capable of going on to lead development in their discipline by providing the opportunity to undertake a PhD. The scheme is open to individuals training in, or seeking to train in, all disciplines in medicine (including surgical disciplines, general practice, public health medicine etc.) or dentistry, whether in primary or secondary care.
  • Joint NES/CSO Postdoctoral Clinical Lectureships
    Currently open
    These Postdoctoral Clinical Lectureship positions are designed to provide opportunity for research time for medical doctors who have completed a research degree (PhD) and are currently working towards the completion of speciality training. The posts will have 50% protected academic time and will be available until the CCT is reached. They are part of the normal SCREDS establishment in Scotland, and will be from the already existing pool of training posts.

  • Early Postdoctoral Fellowships
    Currently open
    This scheme is designed to build health research capacity in Scotland as such it provides the opportunity for both clinical and non-clinical health researchers to develop their research following successful completion of a PhD. This scheme provides 3 years of salary and consumable support to early career health researchers to enable then to develop their careers.

Jointly funded research fellowships with a range of research charities also helps to advance understanding and treatment of key diseases. Follow @NHSResearchScot and @CSO_Scotland for latest research fellowship opportunities.