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A Streamlined Pathway

To access tissue, researchers should contact their local Biorepository Manager who will provide advice to start the application process, discuss project requirements and produce an individual cost quotation.

An expert committee assess the merit of each request on scientific, technical, and ethical grounds. If satisfied that the research is well planned and of medical value permission will be given for tissue to be provided.

The biorepository will recommend if tissue is to be collated from across Scotland or is available locally.

Every project has individual requirements, including patient inclusion and exclusion criteria, tissue processing, services, and data; therefore, an individual quotation shall be sent out based on your specific requirements. Only limited data will be released by biorepository along with tissue. If data requirements are more extensive, a separate application may be required and advice about how that can be progressed will be provided.

All applicants, whether commercial or academic, should ensure that projects can be funded either by sponsor, institution, grant or National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) based funding.

Feasibility  One application across Scotland  Collated feedback to applicant  National coordinated costs to reflect project requirement. Assessment  Clinical and pathology support  Scientific and technical review  Accredited tissue governance and ethics provided.  Delivery  A wide range of tissue services  National coordination of tissue acquisition  National Material / Data Transfer Agreement