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ENRICH Scotland

Enabling research in care homes 

Improving the lives and health of people living in care homes is a major priority, but care home residents are generally underrepresented in research studies. Enabling Research in Care Homes (ENRICH) aims to change this by strengthening support for research outside the NHS.

Graphic showing the layers of ENRICH Scotland resources - Partners in Research, Research Ready care Homes, Research Forum, Care Home Innovation Partnership, and Steering Group

The network brings together care home staff, residents and researchers to facilitate the design and delivery of research, to improve the quality of life, treatments and care for all residents. ENRICH Scotland works closely with NRS Neuroprogressive and Dementia (NRS NDN), NRS Ageing and NRS Primary Care, and is co-chaired by Dr Emma Law (Network Manager, NRS NDN) and Professor Susan Shenkin (previously Clinical Lead, NRS Ageing).

The Forum works collaboratively with NIHR ENRICH, making this uniquely fit for Scottish care homes, to establish which homes are ready to practice research.

There are now two Care Home Innovation Partnerships (CHIPs) working with ENRICH Scotland. The first CHIP was founded in 2018 in Lothian by Dr Jo Hockley and a group of managers from care homes interested in developing care home-led tests of change. This model has proved so successful, it has now been replicated in Glasgow City, with plans for more across Scotland.

Care Homes involved with the Lothian CHIP include St Raphaels; Cluny Lodge; Manor Grange; Braeburn; Chamberlain and Erskine Edinburgh. The Lothian Care Homes website is a useful and up to date resource for finding out more about the current work.

Care Homes involved with the Glasgow City CHIP include Riverside House; Orchard Grove House; Victoria Gardens Care Home; Hawthorn House; and Meadowburn Care Home.

Contact ENRICH Scotland to discuss joining the research forum, CHIPs or care home research network.