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ENRICH Scotland

Enabling research in care homes

Improving the lives and health of older people living in care homes is a major priority, but care home residents are generally underrepresented in research studies. Enabling Research in Care Homes (ENRICH) aims to change this by strengthening support for research outside the NHS.

The network brings together care home staff, residents and researchers to facilitate the design and delivery of research, to improve the quality of life, treatments and care for all residents. ENRICH Scotland is supported by NRS Neuroprogressive and Dementia and NRS Ageing, who jointly chair the ENRICH Scotland Forum.

The Forum works collaboratively with NIHR ENRICH, making this uniquely fit for Scottish care homes, establishing which homes are ready to practice research.

The Forum:

  • brings together a multidisciplinary group of around 40 people, who collectively assist in gathering and sharing the evidence base required to advance care home practice in Scotland, including:
    • care home and NHS staff
    • academics from a wide range of universities and disciplines (medical, nursing, Allied Health Professionals, sociology)
    • Scottish Care
    • the Care Inspectorate
  • works to raise the profile of care home research in Scotland
  • acts as advocates and promotes the care home research agenda with appropriate stakeholders including care home managers, NHS and academic partners, policymakers and research funders 

Contact ENRICH Scotland

Register your interest in care home research

Register your interest

Care home managers and staff can register their facilities interest in joining ENRICH Scotland online. 

If you would prefer a physical form, contact

Once complete, a member of the ENRICH Scotland team will contact you confirming receipt of details and to provide a certificate of participation, confirming your facility is ‘research ready’.

ENRICH Scotland will contact you with opportunities as they arise. You will be under no obligation but we ask that you consider the benefits to residents, families and staff of taking part.

Benefits of care home research

  • Provides stimulation as residents take part in new activities or have someone new to talk to as part of a study
  • Gives back control to residents and their families, allowing them to feel like they are contributing to the future
  • Encourages residents to take an increased interest in their own health and wellbeing
  • Leads to professional development opportunities for staff
  • Encourage researchers and funders to address issues that are of interest to care home residents, such as symptom management, activities, or end-of-life care
  • Improves contact between care homes and other local health and social care services
  • Provides an effective voice for residents, families and staff

Involvement in research can be planned around the needs and interests of residents and available time.

Examples of involvement

  • Promote research to residents, families and staff by handing out leaflets, displaying posters or hosting awareness sessions
  • Review support requests for research studies, and consider how your care home staff, residents and their families could contribute
  • Taking part in a study which could involve filling in a questionnaire, taking part in a discussion group or trying out different treatments

Current studies supported by ENRICH

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