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Student Information & Work Experience

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHS GGC) are at the forefront of healthcare innovation, and the opening of the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital (QEUH) has established the largest hospital campus in Europe. The integration and collaboration of the Health Service and Universities in NHS GGC provides a robust infrastructure supporting an active clinical research community and enthusiastic research staff. 

The network of Clinical Research Facilities in NHS GGC supports a busy portfolio of clinical research studies across all specialties, ranging from complex early phase, novel therapy experimental medicine to rehabilitation techniques to large population-based public health initiatives. 

Clinical research placements are available at GCRF for:

Student nurses and Midwives

  • Full placements allocated by the university
  • Spoke placements available to all years on request
  • Medical students
  • Medical Student places offered as SSC modules
  • School work experience
  • Postgraduate level.

During a placement at GCRF you will:

  • Gain an insight into the cutting-edge research in GGC&C
  • Experience the importance of patient choice in research and observe the informed consent process
  • Participate or observe in clinical procedures for patients participating in clinical trials.

Research Training Posts

You will be fully trained and supported to recruit, consent and treat research participants and to collect and document quality data. GCRF offers a comprehensive training programme to support new staff in a supportive learning environment.

Rotation Posts

  • 3 x 4-month research rotations through a variety of disease specialties.
  • Shadow experienced research staff
  • Learn new skills such as sample processing
  • Comprehensive induction and competency-based training
  • Monthly research teaching sessions.

School Leavers/ Work Experience

Clinical research is a patient-centred clinical specialty, aiming to find new ways to improve healthcare. In clinical research, you will build on your existing clinical skills and become competent at a wide range of research-specific procedures.

Glasgow Clinical Research Facility supports a busy portfolio of clinical research studies, ranging from complex early phase experimental medicine to large population-based public health initiatives.