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Exhibitors and Sponsors

Thank you to our conference sponsors who generously contributed to the cost of delivering the conference and enabled us to bring together so many individuals across our research and innovation community.

Event Supporter 

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

ABPI exists to make the UK the best place in the world to research, develop and use new medicines and vaccines. We represent companies of all sizes who invest in discovering the medicines of the future. | @abpi_uk


Thematic Session Sponsor 

Cambridge Prisms: Precision Medicine 

Led by Editor-in-Chief, Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak, Cambridge Prisms: Precision Medicine publishes the latest interdisciplinary research that delivers our following definition of precision medicine: Precision Medicine (PM) aims to deliver prevention and treatment tailored to individuals' molecular characteristics. Effective implementation of PM requires seamless integration of laboratory, healthcare data, and decision support systems. Developing and maintaining such a platform relies on global collaborations between clinicians, scientists, patients, healthcare providers, and industry. Governance frameworks must protect and unite patients and communities, and that research, development, and innovation are aligned to industry and policy developments so that clinical adoption is rapid.


EDGE is an award winning global clinical research management system, developed by the Clinical Informatics Research Unit at the University of Southampton. The EDGE software is embedded into the clinical research infrastructure across 80% of England’s NHS regions, as well as prominently across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Overseas, EDGE is utilised in Canada, New Zealand, Belgium, South Africa, India, and more. The EDGE Programme offers a unique approach to the management and conduct of research through purpose-built software and provides research professionals with fast access to real-time data. EDGE enables users to track and manage studies from start to finish as well as providing complete control and oversight of participant recruitment. EDGE promotes collaboration throughout its software and improves methods of working, ultimately resulting in better patient care and treatments.


For over 2 decades Infonetica has empowered the world's leading researchers with intuitive software systems. With offices in London and Sydney, we support over 130 research institutions globally, including in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Asia, South Africa and Europe. We develop our software modules by engaging with our customers to better understand their key challenges. We're ISO 27001:2022 certified, 100% cloud based and clear on our purpose: empower research to advance lives.

The Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) is a partnership between the Government, NHS and universities in Scotland to develop a Scottish research register of people aged 11 or over, and living in Scotland, who have said they are interested in helping with medical research. Over 300,000 people have registered to join the Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) - and this number is growing each day. By joining SHARE, participants agree to allow the coded data in their various computer records to check whether they might be suitable for research projects about health.

  Improving the lives and health of people living in care homes is a major priority, but care home residents are generally underrepresented in research studies. Enabling Research in Care Homes (ENRICH) aims to change this by strengthening support for research outside the NHS. The network brings together care home staff, residents and researchers to facilitate the design and delivery of research, to improve the quality of life, treatments and care for all residents. ENRICH Scotland works closely with NRS Neuroprogressive and Dementia (NRS NDN), NRS Ageing and NRS Primary Care.
The Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme (IHDP) seeks to fundamentally change the way data and analytics are used to drive improvement in health outcomes, by fostering new relationships between the NHS, industry, academia, and the third sector. IHDP is uniquely positioned as a change facilitator, enabling meaningful connections to promote the use of healthcare data to drive improvements in healthcare. We do this by aiding the right connections and relevant conversations to take place; researching complex situations and assessing where value can be added.

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