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Anaesthesia and Critical Care

Anaesthesia and Critical Care

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Our role is to support the delivery of high-quality clinical research in Critical Care and manage participant recruitment to time and target, both for Critical Care studies which are led from Scotland, and studies led from other nations which Scottish sites are participating in. We provide support in the following areas:

  • Managing the study portfolio record
  • Monitoring the attainment of recruitment targets
  • Providing advice on study design and feasibility
  • Troubleshooting issues with poor recruitment
  • Sharing information on new studies
  • Identifying potential sites for studies
  • Facilitating access to resource to support research
  • Raise the profile of Critical Care Research.

The Critical Care Specialty Group oversees research dealing with life-threatening conditions requiring sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring. Through quality research the group aims to develop and monitor new therapies and interventions.

Critical Care Studies

We support high-quality research studies relating to the care of critically ill patients. The research relates primarily to intensive care, high dependency care and acute medical care.

Key topics of Critical Care research include:

  • Interventions to improve outcomes from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) and sepsis
  • Understanding the long-term implications of critical illness and how to improve recovery
  • The mechanisms and management of brain injury
  • Developing risk models to guide intensive care treatments for common conditions or complications
  • Minimising risk and morbidity associated with major surgery.

Patient, carer and public information

NHS Research Scotland is committed to actively involving patients, those who care for them and the public in all aspects of the research process, including shaping future research activity.

Key Contacts

Specialty Lead: Dr Mike Gillies

Performance Manager: Madeleine Bayne