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Get Involved

The Scottish Stroke Research Network believe that active patient and public involvement is needed if it is to encourage research which directly benefits and reflects the needs and views of patients and the public.

The NRS Stroke Network is committed to:

  • including patients, carers and the public's perspectives within all stroke research activity
  • facilitating patients, carers and the public to be involved at all stages of the research process, from inception to reporting through to implementation.
  • equipping researchers and Stroke Network staff with the necessary skills to involve patients, public and carers in the research process.
  • evaluating patient, carer and public involvement in its activities and research studies

Liaising with other networks and organisations to identify good practice inpatient, carer and public involvement in research.

Becoming involved can be different from simply taking part in a research study.  For example, it can mean:

  • Helping researchers to identify and ask the right questions in the right way
  • Making sure that health and social care research is relevant to patients, people using services and the public
  • Getting involved in the research process itself.

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