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Providing information on the latest news from across the musculoskeletal research community and the clinical research community in Scotland more generally

News from NHS Research Scotland

OCTAVE trial - Examining the immunological effects of COVID-19 vaccination in patients with conditions potentially leading to diminished immune response capacity

This study looked at the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in patients receiving COVID-19 vaccination as part of routine care - particularly the immune responses in clinically vulnerable groups across the UK, including patients with chronic diseases and/or secondary immunodeficiency, compared to each other in OCTAVE and to healthy controls in parallel studies.

Top 10 priorities for occupational therapy research in the UK

The Royal College of Occupational Therapists recently asked for feedback on identifying the top 10 research priorities for occupational therapy. Setting the research agenda and addressing the unanswered questions that matter most to people accessing and delivering occupational therapy services is an important part of their work.

Lydia Plus Osteoporosis Project link to incontinence and exercise survey


We are conducting a research study about women's experiences of incontinence and physical activity.  We are keen to include both women who experience incontinence and women who do not. 

Beacon for rare disease educational series using LifeArc's Drug repurposing toolkit


Beacon – The rare disease charity for patient groups (

Beacon (formerly known as Findacure) is a UK-based charity that is building a united rare disease community with patient groups at its heart. We envision a world in which no one faces their rare journey alone. Our charity upskills rare disease patient groups through trainings, guided programmes, community projects and research initiatives. We help these groups maximise their impact and deliver change for the world’s often neglected rare disease patients.

Scottish applicants encouraged to join an NIHR committee and shape the future of research | NHS Research Scotland

It was announced last year that health and social care researchers in the devolved administrations will have increased access to health and social care research funding opportunities via the National Institute for Health and Care Research.

 Scotland representatives can form part of professional and public committees that make important research decisions.  

NIHR committees recommend health and social care research projects to fund or prioritise.

They help to ensure that research is high quality, robust and represents good value for money; and provide independent input, assessing research briefs and proposals.

These committees are composed of individuals with the broad spectrum of knowledge, skills and experience needed to get a well-rounded view of research needs and research assessment.

A range of roles are being encouraged to apply - academics, subject experts, clinical staff, service managers, health, social care and public health professionals.