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Get Involved in Diabetes Research in Scotland 

Approximately 5% or 250,000 individuals in Scotland have Diabetes and this is increasing year on year. Diabetes can cause major health problems and more research is needed to prevent and treat this condition. If you have diabetes, your help is critical for this.

The Scottish Diabetes Research Network (SDRN) Research Register is now partnered with SHARE to give all patients with Diabetes, living in Scotland, an opportunity to be contacted about taking part in research projects.

It only takes a few moments to add your details. If you would like to join, click on the REGISTER button now and complete the form.


What does the SDRN - SHARE partnership involve?

The SDRN's Diabetes Research Register was developed for patients to give their permission to be matched to and contacted about diabetes-related research.

The SDRN's partnership with SHARE now allows patients with diabetes to join both the SDRN Diabetes Register and the SHARE Register simultaneously. Once registered, patients may be contacted about research opportunities beyond diabetes through SHARE. 

How does the SDRN Diabetes Register work?

The SDRN can search diabetes related medical records of registered patients in order to match them to diabetes research studies. Once the SDRN has identified potentially suitable patients, details are provided to the research team conducting the study in question. The research team can then make contact with each patient to find out if they are interested in taking part.

For more information on the SDRN Diabetes Research Register please click on the following link FAQs - Patient Involvement - Diabetes Research Register.

What is SHARE?

SHARE is a register of people aged 16 and over who are willing to be invited to take part in research projects and have also consented to allow SHARE to use any leftover blood following routine clinical testing. Visit the SHARE website to find out more about what they do.




Alternatively, we can post you a form to register, it's free to return...

If you prefer, we can post our paper registration form to you (click here to view the form). It is simple to complete and has a free-post return address included. Please get in touch by emailing, providing your full address and postcode. Alternatively, you can call 01382 383 595.